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European Made Cars Are Far Superior To American Made Cars
I think that the Europeans have it all over the Americans when it comes to designing and manufacturing vehicles.
 Oober  24 Dec 2007 10:52
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Yes I also hear the same thing its because of car accessories.
 dimplesin  22 Apr 2013 08:26
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True true
 Lewz  20 Nov 2012 04:17
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Europeans have been in the biz of car making for far longer than the yanks, also their brands are more respected and well known.
 Kryten4000  22 Aug 2012 01:54
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 Plus Top Gear U.K is ten times better than Top Gear U.S.
by  Kryten4000
 22 Aug 2012 01:55
I know europe produces much better cars
 ryanrjlim  01 Feb 2012 07:20
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Ha ha ! So true american cars are all huge, unnecessery cars that all spin out in corners! Maybe thats why nascar race tracks are oval shaped!
 fiesta111  20 Mar 2010 19:14
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Well, yeah; you have Germany... Cheaters.
 RoboHippo  31 Dec 2009 22:24
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As it stands, European cars are better. Now, I myself prefer my American Chevy HHR, and I've only ever owned two European cars, a 63 VW Microbus in my hippie days and a 1969 Opel GT 1900 because the Dodge I bought fell apart on the way home from the dealer in 1973. I really like European cars and I subscribe to Hemmings Sports and Exotic. The two types really can't be compared because they are meant to do different things. That is why there are so many different cars made, there is something for everyone. Today, one can find that US cars will hold their own against the world competition as far as qaulity and performance. When GM tested the HHR SS at Nurburgring, it did 155 mph and I forgot it's lap time but it beat several others in testing. Judging from the video I saw, it handled quite admirably. I took my own around the local mile oval and it exhibited very little body roll...and I own the base model LS. I understand "turning left" isn't an indication of its handling prowess, but I was convinced. I am hoping that we get some Fiats here after the Chrysler deal.
 airgtar  22 Jun 2009 18:30
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I love very much the NASCAR, welcome in Europe :)))
But where is oval stadium in europe...not baby-size like Belgium or Nether land....OVAL ..big..big..ARENA?

ASCE Race is very good idea...but I hadn't any infos about it since 2007. V8 trophy is very smile....if you have been in Indy 500 ...you want this type race...

I Hope so, the ASCE has a money and lobby to make same reces with NASCAR.

Good luck for......
 Ozypus  23 May 2009 09:20
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90% true, in my (Top Gear-influenced) opinion, although Ford has made some good cars that can match or beat equivalent European cars.

Everyone who has posted here (For or Against) should watch Top Gear - the UK version preferably... It's funny.
 Dan4096  04 Feb 2009 06:09
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It is true. The European car manufacturers have been making more fuel efficient cars for years. They call North American diesel engines "dirty diesels". The North American auto makers need to go on a trip to Europe and learn how to make quality economic vehicles that are environmentally friendly. Oh, did I forget, priced reasonable. Why would I spend $40,000 on a car that is only going to last 10 years?
 Hawkeye001  03 Dec 2008 00:03
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Without a doubt, European cars (from any country) will beat American cars in nearly every way. Just compare NASCAR (waste of gas) to F1. These are the "best" each side could come up with & does anyone honestly think a stock car could beat a F1 car? Now, I do realize this would never actually happen, but still European cars are faster, more aerodynamic, better handling, better looking, cars. By the way, I am American, and I am VERY disappointed with American cars. Japanese and Europeans are FAR superior.
 dtv3000  11 Jun 2008 21:56
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 How can you call nascar a waste of gas and not say the same about f1. second of all while the car are processed and made in Japan most of the parts come from America.
 16 Jun 2008 22:28
US cars are unreliable and can't turn corners. European makes are the opposite.

European cars are high quality cars made by highly paid unionized employees yet cost the same as US cars and are profitable to their companies. US cars are low quality cars made by union-busted employees while CEOs increase their own salaries and think only of shareholders.


Since you're so yank-centric and think nothing happens outside your borders, I'll make an analogy you can understand. (Unless you're a teenager who has never heard of the person, in which case, what would you know about cars?)

Being the fastest 100 metre sprinter in the world does not make for the greatest football player, as many failed wide receivers have proven. Barry Sanders never had a run of more than 40 yards in his NFL career, yet he could turn and evade as many as eight defenders on a play. 100 metre sprinters are US cars. Barry Sanders is a BMW or a Porsche.

Consider the new "racing" Ford Mustangs: 500bhp and a live axle - the wheels turn together instead of a working independently, like all Euro, all Japanese, and MOST US made cars. That sort of stupidity may be fine for the NASCRASH crowd, but it's a piece of junk.

As well, how ignorant and uneducated must someone be to think the world is straight lines and racing is done in straight lines? Tape the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix on May 25th and watch it after watching the Indianapolis 500 and Cocaine-Cola 600. You'll forget you watched 400 laps of tedium - unless you're jingoistic, of course, and worship all things American instead of appreciating the best things.

Second edit:

Yanks are jackdaws. Only an idiot would think 400 metre (quarter mile) bursts are how people drive or should drive. Even if a USeless yank car could "win" a quarter mile drag, it can do nothing else. Real racing is done on road courses, just as real driving is done on streets and highways. The uneducated and unwashed seem not to know that.
 K9  27 Apr 2008 09:00
 so your gonna tell me any euro car can beat a ford gt? straight drag race half a mile
by  831local
 02 May 2008 20:46
Definitely euro cars are much much better
 Dopefish  08 Mar 2008 19:15
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It is not an unheard of fact that the European made cars are far superior to American made cars. It is generally acknowledged that the Europeans play the advanced role than the Americans when it comes to the matter of designing and manufacturing the cars. The cars made by the Europeans possess the first position since long years of the past. But the American manufacturers and their agents from the press are claiming that those days are gone and the American made automobiles are much superior to that of the Europeans. But still the American cars have to go a long way to get the permanent place in the customer’s heart where the European cars already exist since the decades. European cars have lot more efficiency that made them to create history. The best features of the European cars’ are still not available in the American cars.
 sudipa  28 Feb 2008 21:43
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As of right now, I would agree with this, but look at GM right now. Their new Malibu is a dramatic improvement, and Cadillac's CTS is much better than the old one. I say in 10 years time, GM, at least, will be a valid competitor once again in the industry. But Ford and Chrysler, they're another story. So for now, I would rather have a car from a European based automaker than one from an American based company.
 M_Power  13 Feb 2008 03:07
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I don't really agree with the implication. But, I've worked for a European car maker in Europe and also and an American heavy duty truck maker recently bought by a European truck maker.
Anyway Europeans put more people on the job of designing and testing and picking at details. What I've seen of US is we are far too lean to get it perfect. Why the Europeans (and Japanese) can afford to do that? I don't know.
 stoneman30  27 Dec 2007 18:05
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An american made vehicle will withstand and uphold better than any European made vehicle. I admit that European made vehicles have that Futuristic look about them, but American cars are trying to bring back the Muscle era. You can't beat the Muscle era.
 t_m_w_e_95  07 Dec 2012 14:11
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No because U.S cars have character European cars don't i own a Ford Mustang GT for goodness sake not only that but modified :D
 willburfi  20 Nov 2012 04:16
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If you want to have every repair that should be relativley on a vehicle turned into some amazingly complicated repair go ahead and buy a european car
 empmaster  15 Dec 2011 01:13
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Not true, i had Audi and wind up spending so much on repairs that it would be wiser i to sell and buy new Audi, I have noticed many mercedes where the tail lights are not working this is even before the owner gets his license plates, how many times u notice 10, 15 yrs. Old European cars on road and compare that to non European cars.
 Njsanju  03 Jul 2008 12:30
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That's too much of a generalization. There are good European cars and bad European cars. There are good American cars and bad American cars. It's not just a matter of where they're made.
 ur_wrong  27 Jun 2008 23:26
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European cars maybe stylish, but they can't carry anything, they're so small. Also, many American cars are environment friendly. But Japanese cars are the way to go.
 Homestar  23 May 2008 00:34
 so an F150 is environmentally friendly? Japanese are environmentally friendly not American
by  dtv3000
 15 Jun 2008 04:43
No ,they are more luxury but when it comes down to a race.It's American muscle all the way...
 831local  10 Mar 2008 18:04
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 You're saying 400bhp V8 weighing 2000kg with poor steering and chassis is going to beat a 500bhp V8 weighing 1300kg with excellent steering and chassis.

Clearly, you know nothing about cars.
by  K9
 27 Apr 2008 09:23
Hold on, in the interests of clarity, what do you mean by an American car?

GM owns Cadillac, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, and Oldsmobile – but also builds Opels, Saabs and Vauxhalls, which are European cars, and owns Holden (Australia) and is involved in a tie-up with Isuzu the Japanese car and truck manufacturer.

Meanwhile, Ford owns Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover. And Daimler Chrysler owns Dodge, Mercedes, Jeep, Smart, Plymouth, and Mitsubishi.

Out of interest, Nissan build a lot of their cars in Europe, one such notable factory being their manufacturing plant at Sunderland in the north of England.

So asking which is better, American or European is truly misleading. There really is such a thing as a European, American or Japanese car anymore.
 vulgaris  29 Jan 2008 16:37
 Mercedes and Chrysler are now separate companies, Oldsmobile no longer exists.
by  M_Power
 13 Feb 2008 21:08
I own American - work for a German company (VW) and PREFER JAPANESE!
Go figure!
 Wayne  14 Jan 2008 19:19
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