New Debates in Environment
Earthquakes Were Caused By North Korea's Testing Of A Nuclear Bomb
Newton's third law of motion!
Is Nuclear Energy The Best Or Are There Better Alternatives
I have seen these thorium reactors that seem too good to be true, but until proven wrong i think nuclear energy is the best type of energy. read more...
You Shouldn't Have Kids
You should not have kids. Go ahead, you can have them if you want, but you shouldn’t have children. One, they make you unhappy and it risks your relationship with your partner. Two, they take a lot of... read more...
Spring Is The Best Part Of The Seasons!
Say goodbye to Winter the warm sun is pushing through the chilly weather setting beautiful Spring days! read more...
London Is One Of The Dirtiest Cities In The World!
The amount of cars spewing out diesel fumes is choking the city! Which is the dirtiest city in the world in your opinion? read more...
All Debates in Environment
Global Warming Is A Natural Cycle.
Global warming is not caused by MAN, and therefore can not be corrected by man. Global warming is happening and will have significant damage on our well beings, but we can do nothing about it. Politicians... read more...
Recycling Is Necessary.
Even though most of us feel hassle when doing recycling (serperate house wastes to paper, plastic, battery, wood, landfill waste, and etc), recycling is an important thing to improve our environment by... read more...
There Are Too Many Humans.
According to a book called 'The World Without Us', of which I can't recall the author, the human population will have doubled by 2050 - and most of us will live in cities. This gives me a gut feeling as... read more...
The Cold Is Not Cool
Can you believe that there are some people that actually like winter? I for one don't like the cold and live for the summer. read more...
Whaling Should Be Accepted For The Japanese
Japan continues to kill whales to no end. They say it is for "scientific research", amongst other things. What do you think? read more...
Wind Farms Are Good
Wind farms Are good
Global Warming Is An Important Issue
I don't really think global warming may be true sure there are drastic climate changes but why? read more...
You Can Take A Woman Off Of The Street But You Cannot Make Her A Housewife
Many women in the US today are way too promiscuous to settle down and become good housewives and mothers. read more...
We Should Not Prevent Species Becoming Extinct.
The extinction of species is part of the nature, so there is no point for human to make efforts to protect endagered speicies. read more...
All US Citizens Should Be Required To Recycle
Our landfills are filled with materials that are recyclable- according to Paper Retriever, 40% of landfill volume is paper, a recyclable item. If we weren't so lazy and jus sorted out the main objects,... read more...
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