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Endorse Slutwalk Campaign
I dissagree
 Aulia  05 Oct 2012 18:29
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I agree that it is entirely inexcusable for the male population to assume that a women is practically begging to be raped simply because she is wearing a mini-skirt. However, in a world were the "medium is the message", I feel that this campaign is grotesquely misguided. I'm sorry, but walking around half-naked with a sign saying PROUD WHORE is sending a very mixed message, to say the very least.
 pollywog  06 Oct 2012 11:49
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I fully endorse it. The entire campaign is to dispel excusing rape on nothing more than a woman's appearance. A woman who wears a skirt is no more asking to be raped than a woman wearing jeans. In fact, that goes for any gender.
 sythan  06 Oct 2012 04:12
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