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Education Should Be Compulsory
I would like to vote for education being compulsory
 chick  27 Feb 2008 20:11
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It is compulsory where I come from?
 proby96  05 Jun 2012 18:33
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Education should be compulsory wherein kids within a certain age limit will have to take education either from a conventional school or else through correspondence. It is the parents’ duty to make sure that the children receive full-fledged education that should include different subjects and the syllabus should be according to their aptitude, age and capability of the students. There must be local authority to look after that the kids are being provided with suitable education at a regular basis. Initially children used to learn their father’s profession instead of conventional education. However, compulsory education gives them a wider choice of jobs. Moreover, this is the best way to resist child labor that is increasing in leaps and bounds now-a-days. Furthermore, compulsion of studies will occupy most of the students’ time, which will reduce juvenile crime and the number of gangs cropping up in the society.
 sudipa  15 Apr 2008 13:55
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Of course education needs to be compulsory, society has a right and a responsibility to train it's youth to function properly. This means passing on both knowledge and a means of thinking that makes success more likely.

Unfortunately, we do very, very poorly at this most of the time.
 Cephus  28 Feb 2008 08:09
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I am for education because without it where would we be in life. Some children take education for a joke, but later on in life they are going to realise that it is quite serious.
 chick  27 Feb 2008 20:12
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If you don't want to do anything responsible with your life then you shouldnt have to prepare to. Government shouldn't be a replacement for personal responsibility.
 ur_wrong  03 Nov 2008 05:58
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