New Debates in Education
God's Existence Explains Things That Science Cannot.
Hey, Hey DNA! Proving God's Existence - Genetically Seems that the more that science progresses, the more complicated it becomes proving the existence of a specific design, and, creation. The whole universe... read more...
People With High Intelligence Would Be Able To Formulate Ideas And Theories On Their Own.
They would not need to copy other's ideas word for word. A person with any morals would give credit to the author. read more...
What Would You Do?
What would do if you saw someone discriminating another human being for whatever reason, for example, mental disability, physical disability, sexuality, culture, race, and religion, what would you do?... read more...
No Matter How Dark This World May Seem There Will Always Be People Who Will Shine The Light Of Enlightenment.
God's chosen people will shine like the sun! ;) read more...
Ok Right I Get It Now Our Friend The Hacker Has Set Up A New Account In My Name!
It's easy to check which comments are really mine because he/she is a baby debater - what a plonker - get a life of your own! ;) read more...
All Debates in Education
School Should Be Outlawed
School sucks
Schools Should Keep Dissecting Animals
I just thought this would be a cool thing to debate on. read more...
Banning This Web Site Is Wrong
I Think That This Is So Wrong If U Don't Like It Then Ban It From Your Computer Not From Every Body That Is Just Plain Selfish!!! read more...
Many Schools Are Places Of Indoctrination (whether Public Or Religious)
I went to both a Christian school and public schools. I think people can try to indoctrinate young people to believe either that the Bible should not be questioned or that we are related to apes by a... read more...
Researching History Is Hard
Whenever i try to research history, it never works! read more...
College Is For Everyone
I think some people can make it successful in life with out college but there is some people that is made for college and make it very successful....what do people think about college? read more...
Parents Are Not Always Right
Parents say many thing but are always right? Personally i don't think there always right? What do you think. read more...
Students Should Be Allowed To Eat And Drink Anywhere, Anytime In School.
Most school have some kind of place where you can buy food and drinks. However, the policy of the establishments often forbid the students to eat and drink during classes. read more...
Students Should Choose The Time When They Are Ready To Write An Exam
What you think about that???
1 Hour Of Physical Education Is Not Enough In Secondary School.
I think we need more physical education class!!
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