New Debates in Education
Atma - An Accelerator For Education NGOs In Mumbai, India
Atma empowers grassroots education NGOs to become bigger, better, and stronger. read more...
Volunteer Opportunities In India - Do A Little Bit Of Good Daily
It has been rightly said that a little good deed on a daily basis goes a long way. It not just resonates in your life in the form of blessings but also creates a better space for people who are in need.... read more...
Get Enroll For Best Animation Courses At Raffles Design International
Our Animation Courses enables the student to have an in-depth understanding of subject which involves digital and multimedia world. Our course provides students a wide range of career options in multimedia.... read more...
Blue Whale Academy - Find Best Hospitality Management Course
At Blue Whale Academy, We Offers three year bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management. Our Course is available for those who have completed their secondary education (HSC) in any stream from a recognized... read more...
Atma - An NGO In Mumbai Impacting On The Lives Of Indian Children
Nearing a decade since its conception in 2007, Atma, an NGO in Mumbai strives to cater to the educational needs of the underprivileged and differentially abled children of the country. read more...
All Debates in Education
Private Education Should Be Banned
What do you think, should every child have an equal chance through state education for all, or should those from privileged backgrounds be able to have the choice. read more...
Children Should Watch Less TV
...1 hour a day and a couple of feature films on weekends. It is demonstrated that TV is negative for their development! read more...
Parents Should Finance Their Child's College Education!
Does Paying For Child's College Education Help Them Or Harm Them In The Long Run? Do They Appreciate The Sacrifices parents have Made To Pay For College, Or Would They Appreciate Their Education More If... read more...
Homework Is Necessary.
Homework is an important part of education system because it helps students to remember what they have learned and learn more. read more...
School Uniforms Are Definitely A Good Thing.
School uniforms can prevent students to be judged by how they look, and meanwhile can save parents money from buying designed clothes. read more...
Traditional Education Has No Place In The 21st Century
What function and value does traditional education have? It really prepares one for work, the knowledge gains seems to be beyond use. I'm not saying that education can't be instructive, I'm saying traditional... read more...
Everyone Should Be Able Partake In A Higher Education
As university degrees become increasingly expensive, should everyone go to college or only those for whom it would be useful? read more...
Liberal Arts Should Not Be Studied In University.
Liberal Arts are learned through practice, the opposite of study. It is pointless to study the arts in this context. read more...
Online High Schools Are Ineffective
Today there are many online high schools. However, many online students are not passing standardized tests. Are these types of schools really effective in educating adolescents? read more...
Schools Don't Teach Enough Subjects That Are Really Useful In Later Life
I wish I had spent more time at school learning things that would be genuinely useful in my later personal and working life. Things like typing, using common software, managing finances, time management,... read more...
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