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Earth Is Not The Only Planet With Life
I think so.
 angiehorse  13 Jan 2010 04:10
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Yes Earth is not the only planet with life there are other planets with life, I will tell you a clue to think. If Earth is the only planet with life, so why the space is that big, and what it would be for.
 Markus  16 Jun 2013 10:31
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I think there are no living things other than us in theis galaxy but there is life else where
 799185001  30 Apr 2011 11:16
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There are other planets too, Some we havent discovered cuz were too far away.
 jenjen216  14 Jan 2010 05:15
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Of course. There HAS to be another planet out in the infinite galaxy that is capable of producing and sustaining life.
 Prometheus  14 Jan 2010 04:52
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 Infinite galaxy?
by  justsumguy
 15 Jan 2010 01:35
125 billion galaxies with 500 billion stars apiece. While there are too many imponderables involved to produce anything like an accurate guess it is hard for me to imagine that life was a singular event in a playing field of that size.
 finsch  13 Jan 2010 18:54
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 Human imagination is amazing.
by  justsumguy
 14 Jan 2010 03:52
Well duh. They've discovered it. You do not watch the News much do you?
 DdAWg  13 Jan 2010 18:24
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I completely believe that in our vast universe, Earth is not the only planet that supports life.
 tinseldove  13 Jan 2010 06:37
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The thing you people should consider is that if this COSMOS is so large that aliens MUST exist, then why not that it is so large ("infinite") that the FLYING SPAGUETTI MONSTER "MUST" EXIST?

Be consistent.
 Stranger  27 Apr 2011 17:24
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 its very well possible that it does, but to speculate that life exist isn't as far fetch as the flying spaghetti monster.
by  godsgeew
 15 Jun 2013 16:09
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