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Being Rich Make You Popular
I think so
 nick21  20 Mar 2008 16:54
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Omg yes!
There is a chick at work whos daddy makes some money and everyone,even managers lick her ass.
Makes me sick,and she throws mentions of some ppl whom ''daddy knows''
i lost respect for everyone who licks her vag
i treat her like everyone else and actually worse sometimes
can't stand ppl sucking up to wealthy
like they have no self-respect
 erwcat  16 Sep 2011 20:26
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People think that you are cooler.
 swimmer724  10 Mar 2009 10:58
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Being popular usually does relate to people who have money. One of the reasons being that they are always in fashion. Second, they always have nice hair and make-up because they can afford going to the salon and to buy expensive makeup. They usually have really nice cars that everyone wants to ride around in and they have money to do and go wherever the wind takes them.
 curious  17 Apr 2008 02:12
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Agreed. Although, the people who want to be your 'friends', etc only want to know you because they hope you'll buy them something, or give them money.
 Dan4096  30 Mar 2008 07:38
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Look at Paris Hilton for instance and all those celebrity's.
 Okay  27 Mar 2008 18:03
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Not saying I like the idea of buying friendship cause I'm against the whole idea, but like people today, they will definitely go for the rich people.
 wikkawikka  26 Mar 2008 17:26
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I'm not saying i want to be rich but kids who are popular get the attention
 melisiwa  20 Mar 2008 17:25
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It makes people preppy and popular
 nick21  20 Mar 2008 16:54
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Being popular for your money is not popularity it is greed by those wanting it.
 RagTatter  11 Oct 2008 02:30
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Just because a person is rich does not make them popular.
 Maggie1  02 Aug 2008 23:05
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Not necessarily. A person could be popular for reasons other than the amount of money that they have. I know people who are very popular without lots of money and it's simply because they are outgoing people. However, I do agree that money does sometimes contribute towards someone's popularity, just not always.
 louise23  20 Mar 2008 21:19
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 Yes you are right but primarily the MAIN REASON IS B/C OF MONEY! People base this world as if money is everything, which is not the case! But this is a dog eat dog world and people take it to the next level :(
by  dokennedy
 21 Sep 2008 02:41
This debate is about whether money can buy happiness.
I guess rich people tend to be more “popular,” but for the wrong reasons. People can pretend to like you solely to get at your money or bask in your limelight. Just ask any winner of a substantial lottery prize how quickly he or she became very popular.
Being rich has no bearing on what kind of person you are; indeed, it can make you demanding, unsatisfied, and intolerant.
Whenever I hear some rich celebrity moaning about “poor little me” (like Britney or Lindsay), I am reminded of the poem “Richard Cory,” which Paul Simon popularized in a song.
In it, an employee of Cory’s factory envies him his lavish lifestyle, schooling, “Clean favored, and imperially slim” bearing, and how he “glittered when he walked.” It ends “Richard Cory, one calm summer night,/Went home and put a bullet through his head.”
 chispa  20 Mar 2008 19:24
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Well, it certainly depends. Under some circumstances, yes. But, for the most part, no.
 -125_  20 Mar 2008 17:14
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Kids don't know definition of popular snooby is popular
 vgking13  20 Mar 2008 16:56
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