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Everyone Should Plant At Least One Tree In Their Life!
Those with yes, pls let me know how many you did so far :)
 riznerb  25 May 2009 11:44
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I planted a baby fern in a wood near my home for my 18th, its my tree lol and has a little plack and every thing :)
 muin13  10 Jun 2009 14:31
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I think you should plant a tree every time you swear
 Thanksman  27 May 2009 17:16
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Over a thousand (I’m not kidding)
 v00v  26 May 2009 02:15
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Of course. I did one. But I tried others and .. Well animals keep eating all my seeds! AHHH.
 gottfried  25 May 2009 22:10
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I think planting trees is a wonderful thing to do. I haven't really kept record of how many I have planted, but when we bought this house five years ago, we to remove dead and damaged trees and a tree that was improperly planted. Due to a terrible ice storm many trees were lost in our community.
So once the stumps were out, we were able to plant three trees in the back yard that fall. The stump in the front took much longer to break down and last fall the soil was finally ready for us to plant a tree in the front yard. We were so excited. We also have used careful pruning techniques to save the beautiful little redbud that is between our yard and the neighbors yard.
We have also planted four bushes on the property and helped our neighbor save hers with proper trimming. They looked terrible and she would have torn them out if we had not shown her how a little TLC would improve them.
I helped my parents care for trees and helped them plant new ones as a child. They are currently developing a campground and many trees that are dead or in bad shape have needed to come down on their property. However, they are being replaced with new trees that are planted with plenty of room to grow and other plants that will improve the quality of the property. So on weekends we are often helping them with this task.
I think trees that are properly planted and cared for make lovely additions to any property.
 Golfelda  25 May 2009 15:38
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F the environment and your "living green" BS. Just STFU and keep it outta my face.
 webman1200  29 May 2009 20:51
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It's a lovely idea and it probably would do a lot of good... But EVERYONE? So a Palestinian refugee in a semi-dessert camp needs to plant a tree? An Eskimo needs to plant a tree? A severely crippled person (paraplegic, autistic, whatever) needs to plant one? Every destitute kid in an inner city megalopolis needs to plant one (where would they all do it?). Every illegal immigrant (do they plant some random place in the US or do you expect them to go back to their first home)?

Oh, and do you have to actually dig a hole and put a sampling in? What if you throw some fruit on the ground and an animal eats it and poos out the seeds somewhere and then a tree sprouts -- does that count?

But yeah, it's a lovely idea. I'm just having a little fun with it.
 Grenache  27 May 2009 21:19
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I agree with the spirit of your debate but am on this side because one is simply far too low of a number. I've no real idea of how many trees I've planted but I don't see how in 40+ years of doing so it could be less than 100.
 finsch  25 May 2009 18:37
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