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Democracy Is The Best Form Of Government.
The Greeks invented that form of government ages ago. Some say that they were the best for that... I think that they were mad!
 Fredman01  27 Mar 2009 05:31
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In it's purest form, and using the logic of a majority (50% or more majority), democracy is the best. The actions by a nation using the above description would be with the approval of the majority of the population, and therefore, all decisions would be reflected on the people. Basically, the responsibility and the repercussions would be for the people. There would be no politicians to blame, or groups to point your finger at, you would have to blame a majority of the population for a bad mistake. This puts the blame where it belongs. Also, how are you going to justify blocking a decision that has the approval and liking of a majority of the population? This takes lots of political turmoil out of government. Sadly, this type of government is usually on a town level or smaller, and is not very convenient for a nation over hundreds of millions of people.
"Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others." - Winston Churchill
 higa123  04 Jun 2013 21:34
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 Actually, I would like to change my vote, democracy is not the best, constitutional republicanism is. It helps prevent fads or rash and idiotic feelings permeate the governing body and sets rules to prevent mob rule.
by  higa123
 19 Sep 2013 16:51
I think that democracy is the best form of government right now because we have not found the perfect form of government
 shipp  31 Mar 2009 19:12
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I would be for a Democracy, if there were one. However, I live in the U.S.A., which is a representative government.........so far, this type of government is the best overall (my opinion)....as George Carlin so aptly put it "America is an exclusive club and we're not members!"
 wtfya64  28 Mar 2009 07:58
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All dictatorships eventually collapse, none of them throughout history have lasted forever, the will of the people will eventually bring about change. Democracy in the western world works and works as the best form of government. Look at Stalin's Russia and Nazi Germany, both fell apart eventually, no one person can maintain control forever, history is proof of that.
 kddan  27 Mar 2009 15:25
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 Yeah but that won't affect me will it now! But good point.
by  Fredman01
 27 Mar 2009 21:44
I agree with this - it is fair and is the rule of the people. It gives us freedom and rights. Dictatorships never work for very long as opposed to democracies. For example, democracy in the UK has lasted for about 600 years now - I have never heard of a dictatorship lasting as long as that. Democracies work well - especially in today's society.
 MaYbCaKe  27 Mar 2009 13:01
 But the local fish shop owner doesn't know about politics?
by  Fredman01
 28 Mar 2009 00:49
In a democracy like india,people are not ruling.the politicians and other richer members of the society are ruling.they will bribe the government and the people who are in power just do whatever the people are telling(i mean the richer people)so, don't think that democracy is the best form of government.the ruling people are cheating the commons by promising we will build this and that in our village and bla bla bla and when they come to power they will show their real colour.they will be bribed and will forget about the promises they made and will be like a puppet infront of the ones bribing hem.and the commons are cheated.that is the real thing happening in india.so you can never ever tell that democracy is the BEST form of government when you are taking an example like india.
 ammu19  22 May 2012 09:28
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There are better forms of government
 Prashanth  05 Sep 2011 06:25
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Athens had an Oligarchy. Only free, native males over the age of 30 could vote.
 Occultdude  21 Jun 2011 16:05
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 At any rate, I've seen dictatorships work better than some democracies.
by  Occultdude
 07 Aug 2011 18:28
Yeah, democrats are losers(my opinion) but then some people actually like the democrats, so don't start a fight
 AndyQTPham  27 Mar 2009 09:21
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N O spells no. The best form of government is a good dictator like... I don't know... ME!!! HA HA HA HAAAA (evil laugh).
 Fredman01  27 Mar 2009 05:35
 Yah, we need a good dick-tater.
by  tinseldove
 27 Mar 2009 06:01
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