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Death Gives Meaning To Life.
Some say that life without the eternal is reasonless because eventually all will come to an end and it will be the same as if it ever was. I feel that it is the brevity of life that makes it so important and eternal life takes away the point of striving and achieving. For=no afterlife and Against=afterlife. And people lets keep this civil.
 finsch  20 Sep 2008 21:07
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Death and near-death experiences as well. I'm still recovering from a stray bullet from Death and when I'm fully able, I'll be traveling all over the place. Its unfortunate that it takes someone coming close to death to breathe life into them, but...oh well.
 Damien  24 Aug 2011 12:51
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I am kinda confused on how to vote here. I'm for the meaning that death give meaning to life and i'm all for "afterlife" but i don't believe that the "afterlife" takes away from the meaning of striving and achieving. So i'm just voting here because i'm for the afterlife
 ckell663  23 Sep 2008 10:40
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"To be, or not to be, —that is the question:—
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them?

"To die, —to sleep,—
No more; and by a sleep to say we end
The heartache, and the thousand natural shocks
That flesh is heir to, —'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, —to sleep;—
To sleep!
Perchance to dream: —ay, there's the rub"

Hamlet's soliloquy, by William Shakespeare
 grokit  22 Sep 2008 22:35
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This may seem odd but I have lived my life by passion and logic. My passion tells me what tells me what is important and my logic tells me how to live my life as to my passion’s dictates. My passion tells me each moment is a treasure of nearly unlimited opportunity. My logic tells me that whatever happens at life’s end all I know is that have this brief time here.

In a moment I can feel love for my bride. In a moment I can make a child laugh. In a moment I can feel my heart ache with the raw beauty of a clear blue sky. And it is the unrepeatable nature of these moments that lends them such poignant potency. That sky will never be the exact same again, that child will grow up and fart jokes won’t be quite as funny anymore, and my beautiful wife and I will grow old and know no more. It seems to me we must be born with the knowledge that for all the points of the compass there is only one direction and time is it’s measure.

The death of a flower is not a tragedy; it is a chance for another bloom different and beautiful. So the death of a man is no cause for sorrow but the completion of a unique story that will never be exactly repeated. Without an end there is no completion only an ever continuing trail into the infinitely banal.

And even though there will come a time that there will be no evidence of me or mine or anything, that wont change the fact that I did exist, that I lived and loved and wept and bled. They say that time changes everything, but in fact it changes nothing. Each moment left like a trail of diamonds behind time’s hasty advance.
 finsch  21 Sep 2008 23:34
 That was beautiful but too much of it is dependent on "unreapetable", "chance for another", "different", "never be exactly repeated".
These are actually eternal terms.

With the end of all evidence of your existence comes no existence.

Leaving a trail would indicate someone or something gets to recognize it as a trail.

Seems to me you aren't addressing the issue of ceasing to exist. You are describing a life with some sort of passion that doesn't know what comes after death but feels linked to something other than death.

You obviously don't feel it is important for you to take the link beyond death to the afterlife in order to live a life of fulfillment and I would not disagree with you.
by  justsumguy
 21 Sep 2008 23:52
I believe so, yes. All people know and accept that they are going to die sonner or later. Death just encourages them to do more, and have more fun.
 bluestater  21 Sep 2008 22:26
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Of course it does! There's a reason for every thing. We are not meant to know those reasons, not just yet anyway. There's a reason for that too.
 momof3  21 Sep 2008 19:22
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Darkness gives meaning to light.
 Specter87  21 Sep 2008 04:13
 no. it does not. darkness simply PROVES that light exists. darkness is the shadow light is the object and the shadow follows the object and gives it substantiation, but not "Meaning"....;-)
by  Scorpion
 23 Sep 2008 20:57
According to my theory I developed of Shadow and Object, I agree.

Two polar opposites create reason and balance and existence.
Death and Life is balanced.

Yin must have Yang in order to create balance in the force :
Think a teeter-totter : It must have something on the opposite side in order to have order and reason.
 Scorpion  21 Sep 2008 00:31
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You do have a point with your premise. If there is an afterlife (I'm referring to the popular Christian understanding here), then this life is nothing but a cruel test, so there's no real point in trying to do something in your life or striving to help humanity because we are all ultimately anticipating another better life, leading people to take this life for granted, taking away the meaning.
 chaew  20 Sep 2008 22:44
 This Christian would have to disagree with you. This life full of great wonders and terror is an evolution of who I am.

I don't know what you've done in the way of helping humanity, but in my case, I would be hesitant to compare what I've done with many Christians. There have been many who devoted their entire lives to helping others.

I really can't believe I just had to say that.
by  justsumguy
 21 Sep 2008 19:12
Death is the end of life as we know it Jim!
 joe9  17 Oct 2008 14:58
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Death takes away meaning from life. Like the explanation said, "eventually all will come to an end and it will be the same as if it ever was."
 ur_wrong  22 Sep 2008 23:54
 If death takes away meaning from life, then what's the point of living if there's no expectance of life after death?
by  ckell663
 23 Sep 2008 10:29
This is a theoretical debate because "the afterlife" does exist. But lets talk theory here...
I agree that its brevity is one aspect of life that makes it important. But to say death gives meaning to life is subjective. You would first have to define "meaning." I assume you consider "meaning" to be "inner significance." I would think this would depend on the person. But, lets imagine this is true. Your premise is that inner significance is the result of a finite existence.
Inner significance relates only to the "self". It has no relation to the significance of others or if others find significance in me. So, the result of a finite life results only in "self" gratification.
This creates an ethical dilemma because it removes the necessity to do anything other than what is beneficial to the self. Characteristics like chivalry, charity, and selflessness would be non-beneficial to life except to gratify ones own self worth. No objective good deed could be done and be good for goods sake alone.
This seems contradictory to what we see in reality. Chivalry, charity, and selflessness does exist and, unless you are a cynic, it exists in forms that are motivated by more than generating self worth. I do not see how any meaning could be derived from life without the potential for "the eternal" (and yes, by "the eternal" I mean more than living forever.)
 created  22 Sep 2008 17:21
 So you're basically saying that good actions only exist because they are rewarded later? I like to think that good actions are their own rewards. Anyone who is performing good actions just so he or she can get something out of it in the end is doing it for the wrong reasons. If anything, I perform these actions for myself because I hold myself at a higher standard; it isn't for God and it isn't to get into heaven (which I technically do not believe in).
by  Damien
 22 Sep 2008 18:43
Kinda convoluted but I'll try to go in order:

Your first sentence in your description does not equate to what I say. The focus point would be your "it will be the same as if it ever was". If you are talking about the temporal, it never was. It's end is it's end. Ceasing to exist is no existence.

I can go with the brevity of life making life important. I think it's much greater and of much more important than temporary existence.

Your point of 'eternal life takes away the point of striving and achieving" is lost on me. Striving and achieving is part of my subjective self. It is as natural for me as breathing. While I can understand the thought that living eternally could seem boring for one who measures striving and achieving with the temporal, I see striving and achieving as being eternal. This is directly related to the belief in a perfect, eternal God. The wonders of God will never cease for me. You have to take into account that I believe all the wonders you are attracted to through science come from God. While they are certainly quite awe inspiring here in the temporal, I believe the "science" of eternity will make all the science of the temporal look like 1+1=2 (I think the science of the temporal is very simplistic).

For me, your existence is eternal. Your existence is the greatest miracle that can possible be conceived. There is no other you. Science could clone you. But the subjective you? The personality that deems your life important?

You can believe you cease to exist. That very statement is awesome. You can deem your life important. You can think and believe anything you want.

This being true, I would suggest going for the ultimate. : )
 justsumguy  21 Sep 2008 19:05
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I personally believe our purpose of life in the first place is to make it to a happy afterlife.
 meghanbean  21 Sep 2008 05:43
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 what an awful waste of a god-given lifetime
by  damselfly
 18 May 2011 14:41
No it doesn't.
 tunainabun  20 Sep 2008 21:09
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