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Crime Creates Jobs.
Who wants to work for minimum wage and who decides whats wrong and right.
 Teachdirt  13 Apr 2008 03:28
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It does, but when you weigh all the pros and all the cons it would be better if we didn't have crime. Don't you think?
 Specter87  01 Nov 2008 19:30
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We really need to stop thinking of the U.S.A. As the land of the free, since over 1% of the adult population of our country are presently incarcerated. Not on parole or probation, but behind bars. Most jails and prisons have become privatized, and operate as for profit corporations. Lots and lots of cash involved. And everybody thinks the war in Iraq is expensive.
 LeonAinSA  01 Nov 2008 19:28
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Crime does create jobs, you do have to admit that. Not very good or glamorous jobs, but jobs. We would need a lot less police officers, judges, bailiffs, security guards, FBI agents, CIA agents and so on if there was less crime.
 curious  22 Apr 2008 00:14
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I disagree because crime is not a job it is a minus against Society.
"Job", indicates Productive Activity with skill and self-respect..... Crime is counter-productive. This is not self-respective.
So no.
I disagree on that basis.
 Scorpion  25 Aug 2008 02:18
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