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Conservatives Don't Need To Use The Taxes Of Those Who Don't Believe What They Believe To Accomplish What They Want. Liberals Can't Say The Same.
Undeniable. Except by the unthinking...
 Bugman  09 Apr 2011 15:13
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All anyone has to do is see the tax breaks used by major corporations to see why conservatives don't need to use the taxes of the people to accomplish what they want.

They only need the taxes of the people to do everything else that the government HAS to do according to our resident goofball...bugman.

And as we all know...the government doesn't have to do anything other than spend money on defense oriented programs (which are dependent on major corporations - defense stuff is REAL EXPENSIVE. Fire a missile...up goes over a million dollars in smoke), morality enforcement and paying politicians (even though the corporations pay the politicians - they get paid twice).
 justsumguy  10 Apr 2011 05:33
 Tax cuts/breaks are not 'spending'....

'As we all know': Tell me the other kind of spending called for in the Constitution. By the way, it might be expensive but NOT as expensive as 'social spending'. Called for where? Not in the Constitution....
by  Bugman
 10 Apr 2011 05:47
Bullsh!t. Every weapon or war they push in the name of national security comes from the general federal revenue and lots of people don't agree with them. Same with funding for unsuccessful school abstinence programs, high tech intruder detection on the Mexican border, and federal prosecutions and prisons to accomodate whatever new law they push to meddle in the private lives of citizens.
 GrandCru  10 Apr 2011 04:50
 Of course it comes from 'general revenue'. What of it? Call it what you like, it all comes from the citizenry. G, is it not self-evident that things specifically called for in the Constitution are exempt from the debate? Neither side of us has a choice on 'national defense' spending. The 'fine points' of that is for another debate.
by  Bugman
 10 Apr 2011 05:17
In 2008 the world spent $1.5 trillion on warfare; 48% of this was spent by the united states.

Conservatives want the low earner to be taxed 25% of his thirty thousand dollar income while multi-billion dollar corporations get away with a 1% income tax.

They give the extreme rich huge tax breaks then spend just over 40% of U.S tax dollars on the military while a mere 3% is spent on social programs.

What the hell is wrong with your country?

Conservatives want to spend their tax money killing foreigners in the name of oil.

Liberals want their money spent on making a better country; they want communities rebuilt, impoverished families to break out of the poverty line, and no one without food, water, shelter, and health care.
 verum  09 Apr 2011 18:22
 And yet Christians are predominantly conservative. Oh the irony.
by  Ballsalsa
 09 Apr 2011 19:39
Conservatives use my tax money to build weapons and kill people. I don't like that. Your point is disproven.
 Ballsalsa  09 Apr 2011 16:50
 Wrong. The Constitution calls for that. That is neither a conservative or a liberal deal.

Why try yee?
by  Bugman
 09 Apr 2011 17:17
Really? Whose tax dollars would be used to enforce abortion of they got their way in making abortion illegal. Whose tax dollars would be used to enforce and build walls and fences between Mexico and the US. Whose tax dollars did we use to fight a war that today everyone says was a lie?
 moreno  09 Apr 2011 16:15
 Well gee golly Moreno. The same tax dollars that are used to fight anything illegal. Duh.

Moreno, the government is constitutionally obligated to enforce the border. Try again.

You know, the CONSTITUTION. That document that you adore when it comes to granting to citizenship to children born here of illegals but NOT when it comes to enforcing the border.
by  Bugman
 09 Apr 2011 17:20
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