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Internet Bring More Good Than Bad
Business support For being able to find up-to-date information and know-how on any topic. Saving money I used some award-winning designers from Chile, USA and Romania for a project for a fraction of... read more...
What Is Your Favourite Web Site?
And why?
To Everybody On Facebook.
I've cleaned out my timeline and jacked up my privacy settings to "why bother having Facebook" level. Any discussions we were having on my page have been hidden/deleted. This is due to a recent event that... read more...
ForandAgainst Level System Doesn't Really Determine How Good Of A Debater A User Is.
The Level system is judged on how many points you have, these points are not given on how well an argument has been written, how valid a statement is and other things, but it is based on how many arguments... read more...
Is Ballsalsa A Better Debater Or Grenache?
I just wanna know who is the better debater decided by the people on this website, choose foe if you think ballsalsa better or choose against if you think grenache is better. read more...
All Debates in Computers & Internet
Facebook Is Just A Phase.
Facebook is a black horse among various social networking websites. It's growth is like a miracle, with just less than 2 years, it already has 50million users, and the number is continuing to increase... read more...
The Internet Is The Greatest Form Of Media.
The Internet is really really great, with Internet, you can search anything you want in a second, which includes news, music, movie and etc. You can learn so many things from it and it's so easy to access... read more...
Mac's Are Better Than PC's
Well we all know they are, but Mac lovers lets try and get as many reasons as possible in the responses and blow away the PC's! read more...
Social Networking Will Be The Future Of Education Systems
The 'chalk and talk' style will be old fashion and not effective. More and more kids are using Internet to get more information. Social networking sites can specifically make them learn more through different... read more...
ForAndAgainst Is A Knockoff Of BlurtIt
They used BlurtIt's debate tagline for their website name! Ridiculous. read more...
No Person Under The Age Of 21 Should Be Allowed Write Access To The Internet.
The internet has been destroyed by youth, Europeans, and Google. It's time for this madness to stop. I can't even do a simple internet search for shoes without some amount of time weeding out the drivel... read more...
Personal Laptops Should Be Allowed In School
Kids should be able to bring laptops to school for study hall or serpent classes but they would have to keep them off during test they could help them stay organized.some kids cant read there own hand... read more...
Myspace Is A Good Website
What do you think of myspace
Firefox Is Better Than IE
We should all use firefox instead of ie because it's more advanced, like spelling check. read more...
Internet Scams Should Be Outlawed
There are many online scams. They claim that you can become rich with very little effort. These types of sites and scams should be outlawed and removed from the internet. After all, it really is false... read more...
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