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Children (-18) Only Disrespect "adults" Who Disrespect Them
Disrespect comes before crime which is a huge issue. Cracking down won't work without showing youth respect along with discipline
 fusezhun  07 Mar 2008 23:52
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Wat goes aroun comes around. Children have to start somewhere, so disrespect dint pop out of middaair. Perhaps to generalised tt statement is, but otherwise, its rather true
 guesswhome  20 Aug 2010 14:57
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This is just common sense. I think momof3 and viking435 said it already but didn't put it together correctly.

Respect is earned. Nobody, especially a child, will listen to someone they don't respect. That person must earn respect from the child. And if adults are supposed to be more responsible they should know this and be respecting the child first, earning respect before asking/telling them to do something....not just ordering them around like they aren't human.

"that is usually just because they like to disobey and they just flat out don't do what their* parents say"

That's because the parents are disrespecting the child and telling them to do something they don't want to do or haven't agreed to do.
 JohnShier  20 May 2008 07:13
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 "That's because the parents are disrespecting the child and telling them to do something they don't want to do or haven't agreed to do."

That is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh, I needed one!

Just what is it that YOU think a parent is SUPPOSED to do? 'Cause to hear you tell it they LIVE for the opportunity to tell a kid what to do. Is that what you think? Seriously?

I hope my kids know that I have better things to be doing with my time.
by  momof3
 29 May 2008 06:47
I do believe that respect is a two way street, but some children who do not show respect for their parents or other authority figures have been shown respect and have a different issue. Each individual has a different personality. There are some children who seem to want to please more than others. Some children are oppositional and do not like authority and question every last decision a parent makes. Some may take it further and have issues outside of the home with other authority figures. There are parents who are terrible to their children and the kids seem resiliant and pleasant despite what most would consider to be an abusive or disfunctional household. Children should be treated with respect..all human beings should be, but I think there is more involved when kids are disrespectful than bad parenting. Since each of us is born with a unique personality, no two kids respond to discipline in the same way within a family unless they happen to have similar personalities. My own daughters are like night and day. One would put herself on time out when I told her I did not like a behavior and the other one would go kicking and screaming. I would ask her to write me an apology and she would tell me no, but not just no...she says "N Oah" Kinda hard to write, but sounds like the name Noah. Still, she is a good kid in general, but very much determined to have things the way she believes is right. I am thankful that neither gets into any real trouble and I suspect that her stubborn streak is partially responsible for her refusal to follow the crowd. She isn't one to care about peer pressure and has no problem telling her friends no as easily as she tells me no. Also, I think lots of kids are more likely to disobey their parents than to cause trouble in school with teachers. I think they have a need to test their independence and it's safe to do that with people who love you. It's not so safe to do it to a teacher and face consequences that you know you cannot charm your way out of.
 my2cents2u  01 Jul 2009 19:06
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It depends.
 Stranger  03 Oct 2008 20:42
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My father told me when I was young that people had to earn my respect. It took me a number of years to realize he was wrong. I now believe that everyone gets my respect until they earn my disrespect. I don’t think you can make a blanket statement about children being disrespectful but I usually have pretty good results with all people by sticking to the above rule.
 finsch  10 Jul 2008 05:12
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Or anyone they have no fear of.
 StBalders  05 May 2008 16:57
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Just completely untrue. I don't need reasons. Momof3 is right though.
 bishop  05 May 2008 16:48
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Respect is something that is earned. Kids today think they should have it without ever earning it.
 momof3  05 May 2008 04:25
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No that is usually just because they like to disobey and they just flat out don't do what there parents say
 viking435  08 Mar 2008 01:54
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 I only disrespect people who disrespect me. I do do what my parents say, as a general rule.
by  ScottyRAWR
 13 Aug 2008 01:45
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