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New Debates in Cars & Transport
Electric Cars Signal The End Of The Combustion Engine!!!
New cars to hit the market by 2020!
The Electric Car Is A Move In The Right Direction
Electric cars are set to take to the road in the year 2020 in vast numbers. Let's hope the days of oil are numbered. Then there will be no more wars in the Middle East! read more...
Book Driver For Your Ride Around Mumbai And Pune
In the fast paced lives that we all are living today we cannot afford to spare even a single second, especially not on driving around to places and being stuck in traffic. read more...
Who Is Guilty?
The drivers spewing out poisonous fumes or the oil companies producing the diesel. One thing is for sure diesel cars, trucks, taxis, and buses are killing pedestrians and other drivers on the roads. The... read more...
Motorcycles Yea Or Nay
Don't you just love a bad boy on a bike? read more...
All Debates in Cars & Transport
Bars Should Not Have Parking Lots
If people go to bars to drink, and you can't drive when you have been drinking, then why are there parking lots? The parking lots should be taken out from bars. read more...
People Who Cut You Off Then Slow And Turn In Front Of You, And Those Who Have No Regard For Other Drivers... Should Be Punched In The Skull
The road is packed with men, women, children and hot coffee. Don't think it is your right to put me and my family in danger because you wish to be two car lengths ahead of me. read more...
Subaru Is The Best Car Made For Snow, Ice And Slushy Conditions
If you live in an area where traction and control is important, you can't beat a Subaru. It is NOT 4 WHEEL DRIVE!!! It is ALL wheel drive. And to top it off, it is Symmetrical ALL wheel drive read more...
Hybrids Should Make Noise
Hybrids are too quite. People cant hear them coming. Not just people who have hearing problem. Your more likely to hear a gas car then a hybrid. Put some kind of "fake" engine noise or something. read more...
BMW,MERCEDES Etc. Are Expensive Because Of The Name Tag
BMS for example may be just as good as your average everyday car though the price can be amazing because of their name tag, BMW. read more...
Italians Make Most Of The Best Sports Cars
The Italians have made the Lamborghini, Ferrari, Zonda and the world fastest car The Bugatti so what do you think? read more...
First Year Drivers Should Be Restricted To Low-end Cars
It makes me sick how many kids around here drive $50,000+ cars they get on their 16th birthdays, only to drive them fast and dangerous, wreck them, and then turn around and ask daddy for another one. ... read more...
There Should Be Unmanned Airplanes To Transport Other People
Can there be unmanned transportation air vehicles?
Women Suck At Driving
They always cause crashes
Muscle Cars Are Better Than Sports Cars
I think muscle cars are much better in every sense. read more...
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