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Should Helmet Laws Be Made Mandatory In Each State?
Helmets are considered to be one of the most important accessoires moto that plays a vital role in saving the lives of many motorcyclists. However, a debate has been going on since long whether wearing... read more...
Why Does Everybody Make Fun Of AR's Trailer?
I'd love to have a trailer. Better than sharing a cramped apartment with my bro. read more...
Getting Hit By A Car Is Not Fun.
I grazed my knuckles and knee, bruised my legs, and possibly dislocated my shoulder. I can't go to the hospital because we don't have health insurance. read more...
Are Our Skies Too Crowded?
latest news They reckon an air bus takes off every two seconds around the world. Its safety record is one of the best. Why did this aircraft crash into the french alps? read more...
Lorem Ipsum Is Simply Dumm
Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and... read more...
All Debates in Cars & Transport
Toyota Is Better Than Honda
Camry is better than Accord. On the other hand Civic is better than Corolla. It's hard to figure it out. read more...
Kawasaki Is Better Than Yamaha
I've been riding kawasaki all of my riding days and i love their bikes and unique parts don't get me wrong yamaha riders yamaha is good to but i think kawasaki is better read more...
Americans Should Stop Using Automobiles
If gas prices are so high everyone should stop using them? And it's environmentally friendlier read more...
The Reformed Western Australian Learner/probationary Driving Laws Only Constrict Innocent People And Do Not Stop The Problem They Are "intended For".
With more rules, regulations & constriction it is more likely that people will break them. The laws now in place are unfair & have noway of making learner drivers get more experience behind the wheel before... read more...
Gas Powered Scooters Are Way More Fuel Efficient Than Cars.
People should use them there better. LOL
Auto Drivers Should Not Honk, Yell ~ Get On The Sidewalk, Swear, Etc At Bicyclists Riding In The Street.
When I ride my bike in the road / street many drivers honk, yell. Swear and tell me to get on the sidewalk. .... I was of the opinion the law required that bikes be ridden in the street.. read more...
Bus Operators Must Provide Passengers With More Security
A 20 year old passenger travelling to Winnipeg (Manitoba) aboard a Greyhound Canada bus was stabbed and then beheaded with a butcher's knife on the coach late last night by the man sitting next to him,... read more...
The Chevrolet Volt Should Go On The Market This Year Or Early Next Year.
General Motors is in Jepordy. If things keep up they way they are The Volt could be it's only chance of surviving. It is very environmentally friendly because has no emissions and would save lots of money... read more...
Audis And Older Volvos Are A Few Of The Best Cars You Can Get.
It's true
We Should Cut More Bus Routes To Save Air And Gas
Just wondering what people say
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