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Electric Cars Signal The End Of The Combustion Engine!!!
New cars to hit the market by 2020!
The Electric Car Is A Move In The Right Direction
Electric cars are set to take to the road in the year 2020 in vast numbers. Let's hope the days of oil are numbered. Then there will be no more wars in the Middle East! read more...
Book Driver For Your Ride Around Mumbai And Pune
In the fast paced lives that we all are living today we cannot afford to spare even a single second, especially not on driving around to places and being stuck in traffic. read more...
Who Is Guilty?
The drivers spewing out poisonous fumes or the oil companies producing the diesel. One thing is for sure diesel cars, trucks, taxis, and buses are killing pedestrians and other drivers on the roads. The... read more...
Motorcycles Yea Or Nay
Don't you just love a bad boy on a bike? read more...
All Debates in Cars & Transport
Overweight People Should Pay Their Fair Share On ‘planes'.
The cost of an airline ticket should reflect the total weight of the passenger and luggage together, as this directly affects how much fuel the aircraft uses. Fat people should not expect normal people... read more...
SUVs Are Retard-mobiles
Anyone driving an SUV who doesn't work in a safari park or some similarly demanding environment is a retard. These vehicles are vastly less fuel efficient than normal cars. Their 4-wheel drive functions... read more...
The Ford Company Will Be Among The First TO Begin Using The Kind Of Tech. We See In Futuristic Shows
First the Model T Now they have a car that runs completely on water vapor Soon I have no Doubt they Will have flying cars! read more...
No Car Poulition!
Car Poulition Destroys Our Environment So Stop Using Cars A Bit Start Walking Or Riding A Bike You Save The Environment And It's Healthy For You (you Will Also Lose Weight) read more...
Old Muscle Cars Are Better Than Modern Sports Cars
Expl: "67 shelby mustang gt 500 is better than the '08 Dodge Viper's read more...
The Driving Age Should Be Changed
I need help,thanks!
The Corvette Is Better Than The Jaguir
I think it is and it's way faster
Ho/hydrogen Is The Fuel Of Our Future.
Hydrogen has been proven to be safe if safely contained. Not anymore dangerous than gasoline, but hydro. Puts off no pollution and there is an abundant supply. Give technology a decade to catch up, and... read more...
Trains And Buses Should Be Cheaper
Some people have to ride them everyday imagine the cost read more...
The Driving Age Should Be Changed From 16.
I need to know for this debate i'm in. read more...
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