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Electric Cars Signal The End Of The Combustion Engine!!!
New cars to hit the market by 2020!
The Electric Car Is A Move In The Right Direction
Electric cars are set to take to the road in the year 2020 in vast numbers. Let's hope the days of oil are numbered. Then there will be no more wars in the Middle East! read more...
Book Driver For Your Ride Around Mumbai And Pune
In the fast paced lives that we all are living today we cannot afford to spare even a single second, especially not on driving around to places and being stuck in traffic. read more...
Who Is Guilty?
The drivers spewing out poisonous fumes or the oil companies producing the diesel. One thing is for sure diesel cars, trucks, taxis, and buses are killing pedestrians and other drivers on the roads. The... read more...
Motorcycles Yea Or Nay
Don't you just love a bad boy on a bike? read more...
All Debates in Cars & Transport
Every Car Should Be Painted Yellow.
One of my favorite useless debates that we used to have in high school. I believe all cars should be painted yellow is my stance. read more...
Buses Should Have Seatbelts
Usually schools really try to express the law and why you should follow them, and yet buses don't have seatbelts? It doesn't bother me, but I thought it would be a good debate topic. read more...
1967 GT 500 Is Faster And Way Cooler Than An 2009 Mustang
Classic vs. New
The New Metro Add Is Rather Ridiculous.
The new add states: Why believe in a god, be good for goodness sake. I get what they are trying to say, which is that you don't need a god to be good and that atheists and the like can still celebrate... read more...
Ford Mustangs Are Awesome
Not many cars can you make look as nice as a 1970 fastback mustang read more...
Hybrid Cars Really Do Work
A lot of people discuss this sometimes, they say hybrid cars aka "eco friendly" cars don't work because secretly they use a whole bunch of toxic power that allows the battery engine to work. read more...
People Should Ride Bikes Again
Cars are bad for the environment as pollutants and the expense of diesel and gasoline is going up. Best to ride a bike about, it is good for your gluteus-maximus AND your wallet. read more...
Truck Drivers Aren't In Favour Of The Speed Limiter Legislation
Truckers are protesting against the Ontario speed limiter law on December 19th, 2008. See the information on the following website link: Http:// With the... read more...
Australian Government Should Put More Money On Producing Hybrid Cars
Australia government should put more money on producing Hybrid cars read more...
The Smart Car Is A Dangerous Little Car
The smart car can not be seen by 18 wheelers and Could get squished!!!!!!!!!! read more...
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