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New Debates in Cars & Transport
Electric Cars Signal The End Of The Combustion Engine!!!
New cars to hit the market by 2020!
The Electric Car Is A Move In The Right Direction
Electric cars are set to take to the road in the year 2020 in vast numbers. Let's hope the days of oil are numbered. Then there will be no more wars in the Middle East! read more...
Book Driver For Your Ride Around Mumbai And Pune
In the fast paced lives that we all are living today we cannot afford to spare even a single second, especially not on driving around to places and being stuck in traffic. read more...
Who Is Guilty?
The drivers spewing out poisonous fumes or the oil companies producing the diesel. One thing is for sure diesel cars, trucks, taxis, and buses are killing pedestrians and other drivers on the roads. The... read more...
Motorcycles Yea Or Nay
Don't you just love a bad boy on a bike? read more...
All Debates in Cars & Transport
European Made Cars Are Far Superior To American Made Cars
I think that the Europeans have it all over the Americans when it comes to designing and manufacturing vehicles. read more...
Cell Phone Use Should Be Banned While Driving An Automobile
Today, many people talk on their cell phones while they are driving a car. This leads to many wrecks and accidents. Should a law be created that prohibits cell phone use while driving? Some places already... read more...
Are You For Tailgating Or Against It
Go around, if you hit my car and my kids or dog is in it, good luck, and may the Lord be with you. If you hit me from behind it is your fault, and I will take you to court. Maybe your in such a hurry you... read more...
More Cars Should Be Offered As Hybrids.
In an age of increasing gas prices and global warming concerns why isn't there a wider variety of hybrid vehicles on the market? Even conversion kits for standard engines would be of some help. read more...
Using Responsible Alternative Fuels Decreases The Amount Of Auto Emissions And Pollutants.
I think we the united states should start making better choices! WE need to use alternative fuels so we can help save our environment and keep people and basically the environment a clean and safe place!... read more...
No Car Insurance Or Illegal Aliens , Car Insurance Should Concern Us More
It is illegal to drive in the United States without car insurance, but people do it anyway. Shouldn't we be more concerned over people breaking this law than with illegal immigrants? read more...
People Should Just Walk To Work
Do you thank that people that can walk to work should? read more...
School Buses Should Have Seatbelts
School buses should have seat belts that are mandatory for the students to wear. They should also provide a monitor for each end of the bus to ensure their use. I see too many times, children standing... read more...
Carpooling To Work
People should car pool because it will save our environment. Or at least kill our environment slower. read more...
It Is Good To Have Random Breath Tests For Drivers
It can give people precaution, and therefore reduce the chance of drunk driving. read more...
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