New Debates in Careers
Android Developer Or IOS Developer?
I'm a newbie in the field of app development and wanted to know what platform of development is better? Should I start off as a iOS developer or as a android developer? Which field has more scope of growth... read more...
Anyone Who Wants To Own A Gun Should Have To Pass A Psychological Fitness Test
Aeroplane pilots have to do it
Should Children Choose Their Careers When They Are Young?
They should not because they are too young and they should wait a bit or until they are older and they know a bit more. read more...
Part Time Jobs - Necessity Or Experience?
I always wonder, why people do part time jobs - Is it to fulfill financial needs or to gain experience while studying? part time jobs melbourne read more...
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All Debates in Careers
Being A Cosmetologist Is A Good Way To Make Money
I think it would be a good way to not be broke and keep money in your pocket. read more...
Customer Service Is The Worst Job.
I hate hearing people whine all day and talk, talk, talk & more talk. read more...
There Are No Jobs About Anymore
How the hell are we meant to get a job when there are none and then we get moaned at for not trying it does my head in!! read more...
In Addition To Job Specific Training, Managers Should Be Highly Trained In People Skills And Tested For Emotional Well-being BEFORE Being Placed In A Position That Affects Other People On So Many Levels.
We've supposedly come a long way from the days of the tyrannical bosses of earlier years. No longer can your boss harm or attempt to harm you physically (it's pretty hard to fight a bruise or a black-eye... read more...
It Is Good To Hire A Felon
I think that it is good to hire people for there qualities far as work is consered even if they are felons or not read more...
Job Search Sucks, Corporate America Sucks
Job Search Sucks, corporate America sucks True Democracy Is For People's Little Stores To Compete With Big Corporations, Democracy Done Economically, Not Only Politically. Isn't It More Free For The... read more...
Lingerie Wallpapers Should Be Banned In The Office Because They Could Cause Distraction.
While working, it is not entertainment time therefore keep it in focus as much as possible. read more...
Women Still Have Less Rights Than Men
I personally believe that women have less rights then men today. A woman gets paid less for doing the same job as men and for doing the same amount of work and appreciating it too. What do you think?! read more...
Cops Need Their A/C On While Gas Prices Continue To Go Up
Now No Matter who pay Taxes for 911..A Cop already has Their LIFE on the Line 24/7... Now We all know Gas prices are High, But WE can get A lot Better Services out of the Cops if they aren't All Sweaty... read more...
For Blue Collar Workers: Jobs Where You Have To Urine In A Cup To Get-- Turn Out To Be Degrading And Unsavory Compared To White Collar Gigs.
Face it, it shows a lack of faith in your potential employee and your own screening process. I mean I'm all for it if you mess up big time and eveidence show a sign of you being incoherent. Drug screening... read more...
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