New Debates in Careers
Is It A "privilege" To Work For Another?
Alright so this is an issue I've been mulling over after a sharp comment at work today. At one point I was talking about how another had to work unpaid over the weekend as part of their contract. While... read more...
Calvin Nikont Of South Dakota: You Should Try Typing Your Name Into A Search Engine
Your name is now synonymous with X-Rated Nun Porn!! Type your name into Bing: Bing read more...
Calvin Nikont Of South Dakota: More X-Rated Nun Porn For You!!!
Cal Nikont, today is your lucky day!! This porn features a whole room full of masturbating nuns! read more...
Should Anthony_Weiner Give Up Politics And Become A Porn_Star?
Hell, he'd finally be getting paid for flashing his_weiner all over the internet (plus, he wouldn't even have to change his name). read more...
There's A Difference Between Debating And Explaining
Self evident!
All Debates in Careers
Women Should Not Have Careers, They Are Biologically Homemakers And Child Rearers.
Biologically women are built to have babies, it is their anatomical and biological destiny. I think it's easier if they just settle down and take care of the family and the kids, is that not a fulfilling... read more...
Kids Should Start Having A Job By The Time They Turn 15
I think kids should have a little job because it teaches them to not be a bum read more...
It Is Okay To Change Careers Later In Life.
Is it okay to completely change careers later in life or should people stick with the same career that they worked hard to build and have worked at for many years? read more...
People Should Quit Their Job If They Are Unhappy With Their Work
Many people work jobs they hate. Should they quit their job and look for a better one or stay where they are at and endure the dreaded work day. read more...
Technical Knowledge Is Required To Move Up In Career
There are managers who do not know anything technically but still manage technical resources. Technical experts who are expert technically does not get an opportunity to grow up in career. Because most... read more...
Work And Taxes Time For Some Changes.
I think it's time for some changes.
Kids Should Be Able To Work At A Clothing Store At 14
I think that if kids want to work at a clothing store and still keep there grades up they should be able two read more...
It Is Not Ethical That Employers Check Staff's Social Networking Profiles.
As more and more people are using myspace or facebook, lot's of personal information are put on the web. Do you think it is ethical that your boss check your profile on facebook? read more...
The Air Force Is Better Than The Marines.
To start of the Air Force has always tried to take care of its people, no matter how sombre the environment.The USAF recognizes that quality of life is a big factor in retention, so it’s always gone... read more...
Women Work Harder Than Men
Women work longer, work harder, and are more dedicated to their jobs than men. read more...
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