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Can You Learn From History
I am doing a debate with class mates and I would like to here from other people. My vote is yes you can learn from history. If you dont no what happened before us you wont know how to make things better. We will keep on repeating things over. We will never know how to take medicine and make it better. I read where this was a debate already but I could not join in. Please some one give me feed back. Jewel
 jewel  25 Mar 2014 04:16
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Have you ever heard of the saying Learn From Your Mistakes? Well that means learn from what you did in the past and learn from it. Learning from the past can tell us what the future might be. Like for example Geologists who study earthquakes and volcanoes look at past eruptions and past earthquakes and they use that information to figure out what the pattern is and when it might happen again.
 Agency35  02 Nov 2014 22:01
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Learning from history is how we learned to talk, drive, etc...
 yusaki  21 Jun 2014 15:27
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We can always learn from history. For instance, you put your hand in a flame and you get burned. You now know from the history of placing your hand in a flame you will get burned so you have learned that if you do it again, you will get burned. Thusly, you have learned from history.
 pusspuss  21 Jun 2014 06:07
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Ya sure you can .. Learning the past lets you know about the opportunities of the future... So learning history is worth it ...
 vereshia  25 Mar 2014 08:27
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Son! I make history! Not learn from it!!!!!
 2hotforyou  02 Apr 2014 14:00
 well said bra
by  2hotforyou
 02 Apr 2014 14:00
History is past. Learn bout da future
 turneyboi  01 Apr 2014 10:18
 Someone here can learn from English.
by  oathenox
 03 Apr 2014 14:34
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