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Bystanders Of A Crime Should Be Prosecuted.
I think they should because they were there when the crime happened. They could have done something. For example, one child was abused by her parents and died. Neighbours had been there numerous times when the child was physically abused but they did not say anything or report to anyone.
 ayudel  09 Jun 2010 03:05
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I agree with the idea, but I think it would be very difficult to prove a bystander guilty in many circumstances.
 proby96  06 Dec 2010 20:24
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They dint do anything agansit the ten commants or our laws.
 trexfire  21 Mar 2012 19:57
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So you want to require people to intervene or face jail, talk about the government controlling our lives.
 shogduke  11 Jun 2010 03:27
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I disagree, it just sounds unfair.
 Balance_92  10 Jun 2010 12:31
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But why should people who haven't committed a crime be prosecuted? That isn't justice.
And what about if the bystander did something, it would put them or their family at risk? It's not fair for the to be prosecuted because they wouldn't help someone else.
Also, when it comes to crimes such as drug dealing, many people are simply too scared to report or do anything about it as many of the criminals are known to be violent. Even when in prison, they can have connections.
 MaYbCaKe  10 Jun 2010 12:11
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In France it is the law - you can be prosecuted for not interfering
 damselfly  09 Jun 2010 14:03
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 I find this very interesting. Thanks for the information. ;)
by  ayudel
 10 Jun 2010 05:25
It is a very interesting assertion. I don't think prosecution is in order. However, in the example you sighted, in the medical field, if child abuse is suspected, it is a crime not to report it.
The most important aspect of your statement is the fact of how robust our moral thoughts and sensibilities really are. Many moral minimalist will argue that any action is OK as long as what you are doing doesn't hurt another. Here you are arguing that even by NOT doing something you are making an immoral act and should even be prosecuted for NOT acting. Even though I agree with the basic moral rightness of your thinking, I still do not believe one should be prosecuted for not acting, but am a bit on the fence, because of so many other examples of where NONaction is so very immoral. Such as standing by and watching a one year old crawl into the middle of a busy freeway and just standing by and doing nothing, etc.
 charlee  09 Jun 2010 13:43
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I agree we have a moral responsibility to each other. I agree we should help each other in times of need, that's why I believe in Foreign Aid, and UN Peacekeepers, and charities. But this takes that moral responsibility and turns it into a crushing legal duty which I believe is way too far. The Neighbours did not have a legal duty of care to that child, and while they were perhaps morally obligated to help it, saying they should be prosecuted for not doing so is ridiculous since their duty of care falls far short of it.

Besides, how do you define bystander? Are you going to prosecute everyone who sees an armed robbery and doesn't step into the fray? Police advise people to avoid intervening in violent crime because of the vast risks. Just what level of risk are we now required to take on under your system?

EDIT: Also, your system de-heroises people. I like honouring those who put themselves at risk to help others. By making it a legal requirement you are suggesting their actions required no bravery and everyone not only should but will do it in the future.
 Quincel  09 Jun 2010 09:43
 Well said.
by  Grenache
 09 Jun 2010 09:55
No Because they havn'y done anything wrong
 Drakus  09 Jun 2010 08:18
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 You have syphilis.
by  proby96
 06 Dec 2010 18:06
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