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By The Time Today's Babies Are Due To Die We Will Probably Be Able To Download Their Minds Into Electronic Storage And They Will Be Able To Carry On Digitally Even When Their Bodies Are Dead And Buried...
Hypothetically speaking if this was a possibility would this be a positive or a negative what are the implications? Is it ethical? I would Really like to know your opinions. Thanks.
 Whizky  08 Sep 2009 03:25
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Possibly, given the rate that our knowledge of science and the human body it may well happen. A better idea would be to put the minds of 25 year olds in to some sort of digital world or cyber space or whatever. If you wait to do it when people are near death the mind by that time has already decayed due to the effects of age on the body. Thats what I'd want anyway, I wouldn't want to have the mind of an 80 year old for the rest of time. Regardless I'm sure we'll find the secrets to extending our lives indefinitely in the future, unfortunately I doubt I will be hear to see it.
 kddan  16 Sep 2009 11:47
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I would guess if we are to that stage a more likely approach will be installed into new bodies. The big problem with this is that nature and evolution require death in order to allow room for new life. Without death you get stagnation. But money and power and selfishness being what it is people will do it any way and they will probably still have kids so you get a real population pressure. Perhaps people will have to take turns by spending a certain amount of time in some sort of cryro-sleep or induced coma.
 finsch  08 Sep 2009 17:57
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I don't know about the timeline but I would say it's inevitable. Ethics change as time rolls on. If time doesn't run out for humans and their constructions, artificial intelligence will reach the point where it is learning and that learning equates into something that is not only aware of it's existence, but generating new thought (waxing philisophical). At that point, humans will be faced with the same questions of equality that have faced humanity regarding what humans have thought of as sub-human throughout their history.
 justsumguy  08 Sep 2009 15:31
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I honestly don't know what would happen then,

because your soul would go to Heaven,

but your mind would carry on....

How would it be possible without a brain functioning?
 sahara  30 May 2012 01:51
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No. Because when today's babies are due to die we will already be dead
 damselfly  11 Nov 2010 09:02
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Itd be cool, but no.
 Nathan95  09 Sep 2009 10:21
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When I was young, I was told that either everyone would be driving flying cars or none of us would be here since the USSR would attack us with nukes. Neither turned out to be true. I don't know which is more disappointing.

I have even less faith that medical science will be able to download the information contained in the human brain into a digital storage device. I'm still waiting for a cure for the common cold.
 achmed  09 Sep 2009 03:10
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Although you could be right I sure hope not. We're biological creatures with finite lives and I see no loss in that - when we die we die. And thinking of my own life, if my brain had been downloaded at some stage of my life it would NOT have captured the essence of me anyway; it takes a lifetime of experiences to become who we are and we're constantly changing.

I agree with Queen. "Who wantS to Live ForeveR? Who WantS To LIVE FOREVER? AHHHHHH AHHHHH When Love MUST DIE?!"
 Grenache  08 Sep 2009 10:46
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