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Bruno Mars Vs Jason Derulo Vs Chris Brown.
Who is better? Do you like them or hate them!
 JTKhan786  11 Jan 2011 09:57
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Bruno Mars
 proby96  11 Jan 2011 19:44
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They All Suck!!
 kota12013  18 Jan 2011 07:52
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The name Chris Brown sounds vaguely familiar. That's it.
 Ballsalsa  12 Jan 2011 13:00
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Grenache is so right
 haker246  12 Jan 2011 00:27
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Who? Vs Who? Vs girlfriend beater? How about none?

And there's 3 names so how the heck are we supposed to separate the vote into For and Against columns?
 Grenache  11 Jan 2011 17:02
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 The For side you wwright the name of the artist you like and on the against side you write i like none okay understand if u dont then will sort it out
by  JTKhan786
 12 Jan 2011 09:06
Will you stop posting stupid and predictable debates. We've had half of them before
As for this, this really isn't even a debate or set out even in the correct format. Come up with something educated next time.
 kddan  11 Jan 2011 10:04
 ignore it then. You only encourage it
by  damselfly
 11 Jan 2011 17:08
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