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Beauty Pageants Should Not Be Banned .
Should beauty pageants be banned? We are forced to debate that they should not be banned. I need ideas as what to use as arguments.
 mv1237  04 Apr 2011 23:27
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I don't see why we should ban them, so long as it gives contestants a sense of pride in something about themselves. What if, for example, there was your stereotypical dumb blonde, who had nothing going for her besides her appearance. Why couldn't she use it to her advantage and enter a Pageant? Seems like fair play to me. All the ugly but smart women tend to complain that it's shallow or sexist in some way, but it's hardly like the people who enter are doing it against their free will.
 MaYbCaKe  09 Apr 2011 10:28
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For children, yes, it should be banned. A lot of the time it's the Mother trying to live a dream through her daughter, who happy goes along with it to keep Mummy happy and because they get pretty dresses. But it damages them mentally thinking that only looks will be important, look up baby beauty queens on google and they are slapped in so much make-up they look like 20 year olds on a 5 years olds body.

With consenting adults. Fine, if they want to then they should, as long as they are fully aware that they could lose, not just the pageant but there self-esteem too. Perhaps if they included some sort of test to prove they are smart that may help too.
 kitten  06 Apr 2011 03:00
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I recommend the Kirsten Dunst film: Drop Dead Gorgeous, to anyone who thinks that beauty pageants are a good idea...ok so it's hyper-reality, but still, I think it makes a good point (and its hilarious)
 Obsidian  06 Apr 2011 03:39
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They should be banned because they make girls that enter them think that they're not good enough if they lose and someone else wins who in which they think is better than them
 jschm10  05 Apr 2011 00:47
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Enter "Beauty Pageants" in the search bar at the upper right, and you'll get a thousand hits.
 Ballsalsa  04 Apr 2011 23:45
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