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Beauty And Weight Loss Companies Bully Women.
"Hey, have lack luster hair?", "Could you stand to lose some weight?", "Want to look like this?". Men don't have to go through that. Companies are constantly tageting womens self esteem to sell stuff. Everytime milky way says it's a low fat candy bar it fills it's commercials with concerned women, ditto with yogurt. And no one will admit that most men don't care about all that.
 Nihilist  03 Oct 2010 18:56
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Can I agree with you about those companies bullying women without also agreeing that men are not bullied? Frankly marketers pressure both genders. Infomercials tell men to get buff and lose their manboobs too. But that's marketing, who's surprised?
 Grenache  04 Oct 2010 02:07
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I disagree that men don't have to go through that. Like the other poster said, men are hit with Male enhancement ads constantly which attacks men self-esteem very directly. And in your debate you said, "Men don't have to go through that." Well they do.
 moreno  04 Oct 2010 13:59
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 You don't.
by  artemis
 04 Oct 2010 14:05
Men are bullied by other companies A couple examples off the top of my head are "male enhancement" advertisements berating men whose genitalia is smaller than a horse's and excercize equipment advertisements berating men who don't have washboard abs
 dlmiller82  04 Oct 2010 12:31
 That wasn't the argument, the question I asked was if women were bullied.
by  Nihilist
 04 Oct 2010 13:45
No, men bully women. Men are allowed to get fat, bald, and lazy, but they want their women to forever look 20.

You know the saying as men age they look like Sean Connery. As women age they look like Sean Connery.
 artemis  04 Oct 2010 04:08
 I'd never pressure a woman about her looks. Trust me if you're with someone who does that it's not normal, you're with a d-bag.
by  Nihilist
 04 Oct 2010 09:22
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