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Does Anti Aging Skin Care Products Help To Get Rid Of Skin Problems?
Mostly in women, as the age increases skin looses its elasticity, causing various problems like wrinkles and fine line on the face. I would like to know that does anti aging products available in the market... read more...
Is AR's Copy Cut And Paste Spam A Sign Of Madness?
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Hello Nice Of You To Pop In!
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It's Okay To Wear Sneakers Without Socks.
Other closed toe shoes are worn without socks such as flats, moccasins, toms, etc. So it should be okay for sneakers to be worn sockless. read more...
What Is A Better Makeup Tool, New Sili Sponge Or Outdated Beautyblenders?
It has been noticed that the old beautyblenders are being replaced with this new tool known as silicone sponge. But as I'm a beginner in this makeup routine, I'm a bit confused about the tool. Is sili... read more...
All Debates in Beauty & Fashion
Diamond Is Girls' Best Friend.
Every girl seems like diamond, so it never goes wrong to give girls diamond as a birthday gift or Christmas gift. What's your opinion? If you think diamond is best gift for women, please vote on 'For'... read more...
Fur Is Wrong.
Fur is not a fashion, and is disgusting, we should not make it a fashion trend, it's wrong! read more...
Fashion Magazines Encourage Young Girls And Women To Have Negative Self-image
I'm concerned that fashion magazines and other magazines encourage young girls to have poor self-body images and this leads to disastrous eating habits, leading to eating disorders and other problems. read more...
The "00's" Is The Best Decade So Far For Fashion
I think the new millennium has brought with it a lot of new fashionable clothing that even though we are still in it, won't be looked back on with "what were we thinking?" read more...
Botox Is Produced From The Albumen Of Unsourced Human Blood
Botox be banned if the sources of it are questionable. The risk of infection if human blood products are used has not been explained. read more...
As A Society Many Of Us Are Obsessed With What So Called Celebrities Wear And Look Like
We seem to be obsessed with what celebrities look like and wear. This shows something is lacking in our own lives. read more...
Plastic Surgery Should Be Banned
The surgery which purely aims to improve apprearance is defined or considered as plastic surgery here. Recently, lots money has been spent on plastic surgery as we are more judged on appearance. If there... read more...
It Is Superficial To Judge Someone By The Way They Dress.
I'm asking for your opinion I'm NOT asking it happens read more...
It's Ok For Your 12-year-old Child To Be Allowed To Dye Their Hair
I am having and argument with my friend that It's alright to let her 12-year-old dye his hair with 1 single streak of blue she's not sure and i want some feed back what do u think? read more...
Beauty Contests Should Be Banned
Beauty contests started in 50's and becomes more and more popular in many countries. The 'beauty' required in the contests is only physical appearance, which is quite shallow. Besides, women are viewed... read more...
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