New Debates in Arts
Yellow Is A Very Relaxing Color!
There's something very soothing in the Color!
Have We Reached The End Of Art Movements?
I am an artist and I have studied the movements of art in school for years now. I was wondering, have we reached the end? Every movement of art has been followed by a movement that rejected the previous.... read more...
Salt Or Pepa?
If you want to convince me of you're side, you're gonna have to Push It! So go on For and Against, Shake Your Thang and Gitty Up with your arguments. read more...
Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Season's Greetings, And A Happy New Year To All FAA Users!
Self explanatory!
Bob Dylan Is Definitely Worthy Of His Nobel Prize
Internet haters fuck off! This man not only redefined contemporary music but he helped to reshape western society, in general. His songs of social protest gave hope to those who felt oppressed and downtrodden... read more...
All Debates in Arts
Reading Fiction Is A Waste Of Time
A friend of mine told me that reading novels is a waste of time, and we should read software manuals, history, philosophy or something useful instead. Please tell me what you think and I will let my friend... read more...
Art Is Rubbish!
I Can Make This Affirmation After Watching The Result Of The Turner Prize On The TV. What's Your Opinion? read more...
Shakespeare's Work Is Not By Shakespeare!
It is a hot discussion that has been going on for a long time. Who actually wrote those plays and comedies which we know as Shakespeare's work? For example, Micheal Hart in his famous book "The 100" also... read more...
Should An Actor Try To 'become' The Character?
Actors talk about becoming the character and thanks to Stanislavski, this has become an accepted idea, but is it a good idea? read more...
Theatre Is Rubbish
When I go to a film, I might not like it very much, but I will get value for money. How often do I go to the theatre and find that it is absolute rubbish. Please bear in mind, it's the industry that I... read more...
The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe Is The Best Children's Book Ever Written
C.S Lewis was a great man, his story telling and his ability to put across strong philosophical, moral and spiritual ideas through his children's stories without resulting to cheap tricks, gore, violence... read more...
Shakespeare Was The Greatest Englishman Of All Time
Shakespeare changed the English forever, he changed language, theatre, poetry and history. Could he be the greatest Englishman of all time? read more...
Actors Are Essentially Liars
Lying, deceit and acting have always been connected. Actors are considered essentially to be liars. It is my contention that nothing is further from the TRUTH. read more...
Writing Is Really An Art Form
I think, as a wordsmith/writer myself, we qualify as artists. We use our creative capacity for words, not sculptures and paintings. We put just as much work (those of us that try, at least.) into a story... read more...
Comedy Is Required To Uphold A Social Responsibility
The primary arguments being freedom of speech and comedy as a method of healing read more...
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