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Animals Have Sixth Sense
I think it is what we should have
 Rishab-17  07 Jul 2013 03:49
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I agree with the statement that animals have sixth sense. First of all some people have pets at home because of their "sixth sense". For instance dogs start barking when they feel something bad is going to happen.Secondly animals feel the incoming earthquake. Moreover scientists have shown us that this statement is true.
 dinarausa1  15 Sep 2013 08:54
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Science has shown it.
 ilovegage1  14 Jul 2013 22:17
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They have it seen them barking and howling when there was a incoming earthquake
 Rishab-17  07 Jul 2013 03:53
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Exactly what higa123 said. Take Earthquakes, for example: Some 'harmless' waves (longitudinal waves) reach the Earths surface before the transverse waves do (the transverse waves being the ones that make the earth 'quake'). Dogs, like early-warning systems, detect the longitudinal waves. No sixth sense, just finer senses.
 nbas899  19 Jul 2013 01:00
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They cant there is no ghosts anyway
if theres no ghosts then they don't have the sixth sense
if ghost were real I would belive it then
 kelster22  16 Jul 2013 05:57
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All the reports of animals acting strangely right before natural disasters have a good chance of being true, but not because of a sixth sense or anything fitting in the mystical category. Many animals have much finer senses than humans do, like how dogs can pick up vibrations before we do, or how a bird could pick up atmospheric disturbances (i.e. Tornados) before us. All these things are is animals using what nature gave them.
 higa123  07 Jul 2013 10:09
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