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Angry White People Might Riot If Obama Wins
There's a lot of anger building at the Palin brownshirt rallies. These people are wound up as tight as a drum. Just like post-traumatic McCain, they could snap at any moment.
 Hidell  15 Oct 2008 04:01
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Riot is an extreme word, but I definitely think they will protest in some places. I don't think that's right or justified but I do think there are some ultraconservative, or bigoted, or ignorant parts of this country where people will be furious if Obama wins.

In fact, although it would be horrible if he were to be assassinated I don't doubt for a second that there are white supremacy a-holes out there considering trying to do just that.

Most of the country, most of our people, are open minded enough to think beyond the racial bigotry of our country's history, and his election would be the best sign yet of how fare we've come toward tolerance and acceptance. But there are clearly some who mentally and emotionally live 50 years in the past.
 Grenache  15 Oct 2008 14:44
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That is a little racist!
 answersnow  10 Aug 2011 06:41
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Guess you have been proved wrong!
 Tomcat  28 Oct 2009 15:36
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Conservative white folks don't riot, only liberals do, and it doesn't matter the race. PS Conservative afro-american folks don't riot either.
 charlee  16 Oct 2008 03:38
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I think that would be funny to watch... From a distance.

Americans are too lazy to form a real riot though. There's just too many people to get a good percentage of them on board with anything.
 ur_wrong  15 Oct 2008 19:49
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First of all, what kind of response are you looking for to this post? Seriously! Is this a joke post? Is it meant for humor or are you being for real? Because I am finding it hard to take someone who I believe to be a good poster serious right now.

Who are these angry "white" people you are talking about? And what do you mean by "brownshirt rallies"? If we are going to have a political debate then lets have one (read my comments and replies to know where I stand); however, a debate about angry "white" people being wound up is not a debate. Posting that angry "white" people may riot if Obama wins is a post from the mind of someone focused way too much on skin color. I suppose you believe that if Obama loses that it proves America is "racist". Do you believe that?
 athling  15 Oct 2008 04:27
by  Hidell
 15 Oct 2008 04:38
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