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Alcohol Is Better Than Drugs.
Any kind of alcohol is better than any kind of drug.
 SlyOne  23 Feb 2009 20:09
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Responsibly consumed, yes.
 Aetherium  11 Mar 2011 17:18
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In moderation I would say alcohol is much safer than drugs, it certainly won't kill you if you are sensible. It can be dangerous if someone becomes an alcoholic or binge drinks etc. Unlike a drug like ecstasy or heroin it won't kill you if have only one dose. Or with heroin you become an addict which can completely destroy someones life. I think in moderation alcohol is safer than any drug, if people were sensible with it there wouldn't be a problem but of course they are not.
 kddan  25 Feb 2009 16:09
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 you and your bloomin' moderation again!
by  damselfly
 11 Mar 2011 17:22
Nothing hits the spot like a beer on one of those days.
 Specter87  25 Feb 2009 02:08
 One of those days.. As in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
by  verum
 25 Feb 2009 03:02
It doesn't matter too me i don't like either one
 Shayla453  23 Feb 2009 22:14
 You aren't old enough to have tried either one.
by  SlyOne
 25 Feb 2009 05:06
Alcohol is as dangerous as many drugs and not as dangerous as some drugs. It would depend on the drug. The fact is, alcohol is involved in many traffic related fatalities, is very hard on the liver, is easily obtained and hard for an addict to stay away from because of the ease of access. That being said, if one compares alcohol to meth or heroin, I would have to agree with that because of the risk of overdose and the inherent addiction potention to those drugs and I'm certain that there are others. Alcohol is legal and, used responsibly, is fine in moderation. Hazing and other college parties often lead to deaths from alcohol toxicity. I would not consider it to be safer than all drugs.
 my2cents2u  23 Feb 2009 21:50
 You posted on the wrong side.
by  justsumguy
 23 Feb 2009 21:59
It's certainly better for killing people.
 justsumguy  23 Feb 2009 21:38
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Better in what way?

Better for you or better to have fun with?

Alcohol is used more often, it can be safer than some drugs, and it's legal.

But that doesn't count for anything.

I'll agree that it's better because I have not used drugs as often as I have consumed alcohol.

I have had better times drunk than high. I guess. But since there has been more times there have been more chances.

Anyways, don't our teachers tell us that alcohol is a drug?
 verum  23 Feb 2009 21:01
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Alcohol is alot worse then most drugs. It kills more people each year then all the illegal drugs combines. If it was illegal itd be seen as a pretty hard drug. Dotn get me wrong it is ok to drink in moderation for your health. But too know that other drugs like marijuana(not bad for your health never killed anyone), shrooms(no recorded deaths), LSD(bout 20 deaths a year) etc. That are pretty safe are still illegal. Alcohol is only legal because the prohibition of it completely failed. I think it should still be legal though cause you should be able to choose what you put in your body. But i dont think its better for you then other drugs
 watsalife  04 Jun 2013 03:51
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Alcohol is a drug too, it affects your mind, it also does have worse effects in some to the point of death in themselves and others.
 MooMooCat  17 Dec 2011 01:26
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Alcohol IS a drug, and physically speaking it is one of the most destructive ones out there. The only advantage to alcohol is that it legal and other drugs are not, which is nonsensical to begin with.
 FreeRoamer  26 Feb 2011 13:51
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I assume you are referring to psychoactive drugs (drugs that alter consciousness) which include alcohol, tobacco, coffee, marijuana, heroin, LSD, placebos, ecstasy, amphetamines, etc. Among these drugs, alcohol and barbiturates present the most lethal consequences.

Barbiturates were the most frequently prescribed drug for over 50 years, used to treat anxiety and insomnia, They are no longer used for those purposes because of the high risk factors – thousands of people died due to these drugs. Even more people have died from the effects of alcohol. If you watch old black & white movies, that's the drug that doctors are constantly giving to women who've experienced some jolt, trauma, or fear -- rendering them helplessly comatose when the vampire (or doctor) returns to their bedside.

Alcohol has a small margin of safety between the amount that makes someone tipsy and the amount that kills. The risk of overdose leading to death is much higher than other drugs. The withdrawal effects of going cold turkey after heavy, prolonged use can also be fatal. Sizeable, long-term drinking can cause serious health problems and death.

On the plus side, alcohol is legal and thus subject to quality control. You know what you’re getting, unlike during Prohibition when rot-gut moonshine could cause serious problems. And moderate use of alcohol seems to have some beneficial effects.
 Lynn  01 Mar 2009 06:14
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Idk, technically weed is a drug and the effects are not near as bad as a rotten hangover or drunk driving.
 n-stein8_  27 Feb 2009 01:49
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What does your statement in is the extremity of it. "Any kind of alcohol" doesn't differentiate between drinkable alcohol and rubbing alcohol or other industrial use alcohols, and even among drinkable alcohols you're allowing homemade rotgut alcohols with impurities which can make people go blind or become really sick. And then the "Any kind of drug" reference at the end means anti-cancer drugs, aspirin, diabetic's shots, etc are all somehow worse than - well than what - than rotgut moonshine? Please

But I'll give you this, moderate alcohol consumption of the more common forms of drinkable alcohol really doesn't do any harm and in fact has been tested live on human beings for centuries whereas many of the newer drugs end up with surprise side effects which later make their utility and impact questionable. I'd personally rather have a glass of wine than start taking a handful of different drugs.
 Grenache  24 Feb 2009 16:14
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Okay, Why would you want to do either 1? You would have to be stupid to do 'stuff' like that i hope you don't do 'stuff' like that!
 doglover  24 Feb 2009 00:08
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The way I see it, both are bad. Both can hurt you. Both can kill you. Therefore; you should do neither.
 iJessica  23 Feb 2009 23:02
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 You can die by traffic collision, does that mean you should not drive?

Eating foods that taste good and add quality to your life can hurt you, does that mean we should all go on extensive diets?
by  verum
 23 Feb 2009 23:05
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