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123 To 2,245
In 2013 (the last year that Department of Justice numbers are available), 123 Negroes were killed by police officers but 2,245 Negroes were killed by other Negroes. It would have been over 18 times safer for a Negro to hang around with police officers rather than other Negroes. The Negroes are constantly chanting "Negro Lives Matter" but I guess they don't really mean it and shouldn't be taken seriously.
 AR454  16 Apr 2015 15:01
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Maybe it's like the "only they can use the N word" concept? Only Blacks are allowed to shoot Blacks.
 Grenache  16 Apr 2015 16:00

The Negroes can't say "No Justice, No Peace" in the case of the Negro, Aaron Hernandez, sentenced to "Life without parole" for killing another Negro, Odin Lloyd for threatening to tell about Aaron Hernandez killing two other "persons of color."
by  AR454
 16 Apr 2015 16:34
"Hands up, Don't shoot" was proven to be a lie but that didn't stop the Negroes from constantly chanting that too!!!

Je$$e Jack$on said that if he saw a "Pack of Lips" headed his way, he would cross the street to get away from them.
 AR454  16 Apr 2015 15:02
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 Why is it all you racist fvcks mention the hands up thing was incorrect but never mention the huge amount of institutional racism and corruption that the justice report also found?
by  finsch
 16 Apr 2015 20:47
Assuming your numbers are correct, which is kind of like assuming that you'll start shltting gold bars next time you need money, but anyway, assuming your numbers are correct we need to add a few other numbers to the mix. There are around 1 million cops in America. There are 40 million black people. If you do the math that means there is around a 1 in 8100 chance that a cop will shoot a black guy, whereas there is only a 1 in 17,800 chance that a black dude will shoot a black dude. Pound for pound cops are shooting twice as many black dudes.
 finsch  16 Apr 2015 20:40

Why don't you educate yourself before you make any more stupid comments???

by  AR454
 18 Apr 2015 13:49
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