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10 Pm Is A Very Good Time To Go To Bed If You Are A Day Person With A 9-5 Job.
That leaves an hour or so of snuggling in bed and reading a good book.
 tinseldove  25 Apr 2009 05:37
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Woke up at 6 today to revise for my exams,
1 more hour to go.....

 DalekSec  07 Jun 2012 16:34
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It is a good amount of sleep, since adults only need 8-9 hours of sleep
 openminded  31 May 2012 17:49
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It will help you to settle down.
 eman4018  08 Dec 2009 01:44
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It gives you enough time to get out of stress
 Lara  23 Nov 2009 15:10
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And yet here I am at 11:40... I always feel great after getting a proper sleep, but I so often get distracted with something else. -_-
 RoboHippo  04 Nov 2009 07:40
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I suppose. Depending on the body. But that sounds right to me.
 joylove101  26 Oct 2009 20:51
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If your job is at 9, why not? If you have to wake up at like 6 or 5, 9 is a better time to get to bed cuz you get more sleep
 -_-  01 Oct 2009 03:28
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Yes! Because i always find that when you go straight to bed you can't get to sleep but if you read, you are relaxing and enjoying yourself! It will also make you forget about your day job and make it seem less long as you will be reading for an hour!

 nanabob  17 Jun 2009 18:28
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Its a good time but for some reason when I go to sleep earlier I have more trouble getting up in the morning
 macman2212  03 May 2009 15:29
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I love the context of this question. AYE! And horray for randomness.
 joredia93  01 May 2009 00:38
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It gives you plenty of sleep.

And 5 hours of rest/chores/errands.
 gottfried  26 Apr 2009 05:26
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Yes it is good to relax with an excellent book before you drift off to sleep.
 Tomcat  10 Jan 2017 15:29
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It Varies from person to person really. If you live 2 hours away you may need to go to bed earlier, if you life right next door you'd probably can afford to stay up later.
 deathnote9  14 Jan 2013 22:06
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I say it depends on how much sleep you need. Every person should get atleast 9 hours of sleep.
 offcgibby  12 Dec 2011 14:20
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How can anyone possible say what sort of time is good for everyone to go to bed at who have jobs that start and end at certain times?? Surely you need to take into account individuality?? People may have other commitments...or may not want to go to bed at that time. It is personal choice. Plus 11 hours is not normal - it is 8 hours according to scientists.
 Emilie  03 Apr 2010 03:07
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Hmmm welll in my opinion, 11 hours of sleep is just too much... I would sleep at 11 or 12, and 9 hours of sleep is really enough...
But i guess its just because im more of a night person.
But i dont like sleeping too much, since ill feel all weird in the head...
 muahahaha  25 Mar 2010 13:03
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I agree it is, but people whos job start at 9 could go to bed later. This is because most people only need 8 hours sleep, so if they left at 8:00am they could go to bed at midnight or 11.
 I_H8_CHAVS  18 Dec 2009 12:23
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