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$10 For A Large One Topping Pizza Is Not That Great Of A Deal.
Seriously, we have a local chain out here called Hot Box. Their pizza is good. Love their summer pie and popeye and you can order online. (Just don't go to hotbox.com That's not the site) I ordered a small summer pie and went to pick it up. The line was out the door because of their $10 special. I just don't get it.
 artemis  22 Jul 2015 18:19
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I fed a whole African village with that
 JJbarst  24 Mar 2016 13:14
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You must be "a noid"
 Grenache  23 Jul 2015 07:36
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 I was because I didn't get my pizza. I left. I wasn't standing in that line just to pick up.
by  artemis
 23 Jul 2015 17:24
It's a great deal, because the girl at Hot Box has a really HOT box (and, trust me, SHE delivers!!).
 Trollina  22 Jul 2015 18:37
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